Monday, March 27, 2017


AdRide Outdoor and Metro, US’s #1 free daily have teamed up to introduce the most comprehensive and innovative ad package in NYC: the 6-PACK.

A good marketing campaign means using different techniques together in such a way that they work with each other.

A great marketing campaign uses tactics that support, reinforce and cross-promote the other!

The Metro AdRide Caravan incorporates a wide range of proven marketing techniques that generates a high impact response from consumers which results in a very noticeable gain in revenue.


The 6-Pack

How many new customers can you HANDLE?

Thousands of New Yorkers are in need of your services or goods, but do not find or even know about your business. As a business owner, putting your trade on NYC’s map can be challenging and expensive. Constantly searching for cost-effective solutions on how to bring more clients to your doorstep can be a time-consuming and overwhelming experience.

How we can HELP!

We have teamed-up and tailored a simple, but smart, high-impact, integrated MONTHLY marketing program for NYC businesses... just like yours – THE 6 PACK!


We invite you to be part of the Metro AdRide Caravans in March.

We are looking for businesses, that need that extra push this spring and would benefit from our reach, in order to grow their business and increase revenue!

Package Includes

  • High quality large mobile billboard (one 4x6 ft. panel), circulating your message 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) for 7 hours a day (10AM-5PM), running for 4 weeks (140 hours in total), during the month of March 2015.
  • Shared Brand Ambassador delivering your message (50% SOV) at key Midtown locations.
  • Distribution of 25,000 coupon booklets with your business info and promotional coupon.
  • Twice a month, a twelfth print ad (1/12 page, approx. 2.8''x2.8'') in the Metro-AdRide coupon centerpage, featured in Metro newspaper (reaching over 1 million readers).
  • An online listing on the Club Metro website for four (4) weeks linked to your website and social media pages.
  • General QR code featured on panels, booklets and print ads, directing qualified consumers to your online promotion - letting them share your message with the masses!
  • Production, setup and installation (all included).
  • Campaign management, performance monitoring and online analytics.


Expires 01/31/14 – First come first served.

  • Week 1: March 2nd – 6th
  • Week 2: March 9th – 13th
  • Week 3: March 16th – 20th
  • Week 4: March 23rd –27th

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