We are thankfully in the era of blue check-marks, so these incidents are not as commonplace as they used to be, but still - be wary this week of fake NFL free agency news from the likes of @AdarnSchefter (Adam but with an 'R-N' instead of the 'M'), @RapSheel (instead of Ian Rapoport's @Rapsheet), and - of course - @FakeSportsCentr.

Adarn (with an R) Schefter was active on Twitter in the early happenings of the first day of NFL free agency, but hasn't tweeted out any blockbuster fake news just yet. Adarn famously faked out Sports Illustrated's Peter King three years ago when he tweeted that the Atlanta Falcons had traded for Darrelle Revis.

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"My apologies. Fake Schefter. My bad," King wrote.

Fake Schefter ribbed Twitter a few weeks back by tweeting, "I lost my blue checkmark @Twitter, can you replace it as soon as possible?"

On Monday, he again demanded verification. See above.