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Boston Comic Con brings costumed crowds to Seaport World Trade Center (Photos)

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    Yona Vaughan, a firefighter from Fitchburg, portrays the Grand Poobah from the Flints|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Vault Belle Cosplay as She-Hulk working at the booth for Dimension X Comics from Harr|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    A figurine display at the Fanboy Collectibles booth.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Ben and daughter Kate Martin from Brookline with the Glow Cloud from Welcome To Night|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Panda Bantassell shows off her score from the Toynk booth.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Terry Huddleston, a professional artist from South Bend IN, with a catalog of his wor|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Arthur from Maine portraying Aquaman teams up with Arlington resident Curley Winn's H|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Somerville resident Victoria Schein is Singularity from Marvel's A-Force.

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    When not being a mild-mannered resident of Brookline, Heindrich Kuhlmann inflicts Vad|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    A packed Artists Alley at Boston Comic-Con.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Maddy Graton from Springfield with sisters Alyssa and Amelia Olsen from North of Bost|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Lizmabel Puello from New York with her uniquely crafted homage to Dr. Who.

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    Even the Boston Comic-Con is not immune to the political fury of Election 2016.

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    Amber Martin, Kayla Saccoccio, Mallory Izzo, and Michela Jasinowski came from Rhode I|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Austin Vincent from Dartmouth with his very impressive Iron Man costume.

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    The audience at the Sketch Fighter panel, a game reminiscent of Pictionary but orient|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Sketch Fighter, a "game show" where Nicole Jenkins as Rouge from the X-Men shows the |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Pokémon madness is represented by Northbridge resident Sussie Timmons defending her |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Olivia Gilliland and Natasha Howes from Taunton play Princess Zelda and Danieras Targ|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Lucily Ortiz from Waltham uses her hammer for good, or at least to show her friends w|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Brooklyn artist Mindy Indy at her booth on Artists Row.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Ben Nguyen and Casey Foskett from Boston romantically portray The Corpse Bride.

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    Visiting from New Jersey, Sekoutoure Ruff as Mysterica Lolita Killer, a design of his|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Christina Vigueroa as Harley Quinn with her puppet.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Manchester, NH cosplay personality Khepera Von Stiches as Lo Pan from the 1980's cult|Derek Kouyoumjian

Thousands of attendees flocked this year's Boston Comic Con at the Seaport World Trade Center over the weekend. The annual event brought together cosplayers, artists, fans and celebrities guests for three days celebrating the worlds of fantasy and illustration. The 2016 edition featured guest appearances from William Shatner in honor of the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek," alongside "X-Files" and "American Gods" starGillian Anderson and "Doctor Who"'s Jenna Coleman.The 85-year-old actor threw the first pitch at Fenway the night before his appearance and was greeted by Mayor Marty Walsh on Saturday who officially proclaimed the day, William Shatner Day, as you do. Check out photos from the event above.


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