The Animal Rescue League of Boston took him in after an injury from an illegal metal trap. Now they’re asking you to take him home.

It’s been a long several weeks for Wilson, an orange and white stray now in the care of the ARL. A Westport resident found the injured 6-year-old cat in late May, his paw jammed in the jaws of a hunter’s trap. 

Close-up of Wilson's paw before and after the illegal hunting trap was removed. 

Close-up of Wilson's paw before and after the illegal hunting trap was removed. 

Photo courtesy of the Animal Rescue League of Boston


Rescuers at Mass-RI Veterinary ER animal hospital in Swansea treated Wilson’s swollen limb, and they said he is on the way to a full recovery.

“Fortunately, Wilson’s injuries were much less severe than they could have been,” Dr. Erin Doyle, the ARL’s lead shelter veterinarian, said in a press release. “His right front leg and paw will return to normal function.”

“Leg hold traps” like the one that injured Wilson’s paw are illegal limb-grabbing devices considered inhumane because of the way they can crack animals’ bones, maiming or even killing them.

Though it isn’t common, the ARL has previously cared for a few animals injured in traps, said shelter spokesperson Ami Bowen. Many end up losing legs, she said.

“It’s hard to say [Wilson] was lucky, because I think it was incredibly painful, but he’s recovering and has been able to keep his leg,” Bowen said.

After the ordeal, he is still a little shy, but rescuers say Wilson has kept up a great attitude during his treatment. He has made a big impression on Doyle, the veterinarian said.

“Wilson is a super sweet cat,” Doyle said. “Through all the time I’ve spent with him handling his injured paw, he hasn’t grumbled a bit.”

As of Monday afternoon, Wilson was still available for adoption. To learn more about him, and how you can take him home, visit the ARL website or give them a call at 617-426-9170.

Have any information about Wilson or the leg trap that injured him? Contact the Westport Police Department at 508-636-1122.