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Don't just go to the Sinclair at night: Keenan Langlois is making brunch waffle flights

Grab brunch at the Sinclair at 52 Church St. in Cambridge.Provided

Though it doesn’t boast the longevity of the Middle East night club or the Paradise in Allston, the Sinclair in Harvard Square has quickly made a name for itself as one of the premiere indie rock venues in the area. And like any up and coming spot, they’ve signed on a pretty talented chef to bring the attached restaurant up to speed. Hingham native Keenan Langlois has been the head chef since September, after a career that took him to places as varied as California, Puerto Rico and the south of France. We talked to him about his take on Sinclair food, and what he recommends from their new brunch menu (we highly recommend the quiche).

What are you trying to bring to the Sinclair?

I came because of the style of what they’re trying to do here. If you’ve seen the inside, there’s a lot of pictures of roadside shops and gas stations. I think the theme was that traveling bands usually stop at small places, and it seems like that’s what some of the photos are about, so the restaurant definitely has kind of an American feel to it. So what I’m trying to bring here is more Americana to the menu. Like the Yankee pot roast, fresh oysters, different things like that.

Do you often change the food to match the bands?

Some of the bands are lesser known or they don’t really have an extra special background, so for the most part we pick the ones that are bigger names, and do a special with that, like if it’s a sold out show. Lucero played up here for three nights. They’re an alt country, rock, kind of poppy band. They’re from the south, so we did a bourbon and barbecue plate for those three days.

What’s been your favorite show so far?

I think the Lucero show was really good. The most interesting concert that I’ve seen was this guy Riff Raff. He’s kind of more of a showman, like a rapper. Lots of day glo. It was pretty crazy. He’s a white guy from Texas with dreadlocks. He was Katy Perry’s date to last year’s MTV Music Awards, and everybody was like, who is this guy?

If you’re hungover and going to brunch at the Sinclair, what should you get?

I think the waffle flight is really awesome. Because you get a little bit of sweet, but also savory. The waffle flight has three pieces of waffle. One of them has bananas and pecans and caramel sauce on it, and then another one has berries and house made fluff, and then the other one has a piece of fried chicken and a honey mustard butter. So you get your fried chicken, and a little bit of sweet flavor, and it all has the waffle base, so it’ll soak up any residual booze you have in your stomach.

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