Improv Asylum’s ‘Sext’ could use some more ‘Boobs’

“Life Before Sext!” plays weekly, Thursday through Saturday, at Improv Asylum 
(216 Hanover St., Boston,

At the top of Improv Asylum’s latest revue “Life Before Sext!,” the performers ask the audience how many people have been there before. If you have, though the subject matter may be different, you’ve pretty much seen it all.

This time, the revue looks at the impact technology has had on mating habits. Though rife with potential, the comic inspiration remains largely untapped. Instead there’s a sketch about three grown children looking at their newly deceased father’s Facebook page, inquiring about their own status, discussing posthumous posting and friending.

It’s not that the ensemble is without talent. At this particular performance, most of the highlights were off-the-cuff remarks dealing with the challenges of performing a show about sex habits with underage audience members. Thinking on their feet is clearly a strong suit for the performers.

But when you see a sketch like their ongoing talent show at Camp Beaver, it’s hard to care about the rest of the show. This is a money shot. If they could turn it into a revue culminating in Ira Rosenthal’s “Ode to Sarah Guppleman’s Boobs,” it would be the funniest show in town.


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