SXSW yields great bands and great Craigslist Missed Connections

Don't spread more than love this Valentine's Day. Credit: Digital Vision
Did you get this intimate at SXSW? Did you wish you did and put a note on Missed Connections?
Credit: Digital Vision

Many of the people walking down 6th Street in Austin, Texas at 2 a.m. on the last night of the SXSW Music Conference are trying to put the hard-sell on that last traveler’s hookup. It’s somebody who shares your interests, it’s a long-distance love affair in wait, it’s somebody you’ll never see again, whatever it is, it’s the last chance. But for some there is one very last shot, a Hail Mary pass. It’s called the Craigslist’s Missed Connections page.

We scoured them to see who at the five-day music fest hasn’t given up on love, and OK, to see if anybody noted seeing a slightly overweight dude with a notebook, wiping his hands on this shirt. While we didn’t find that (I’m taken anyways, so I wouldn’t have responded) what we did find is very telling for the kind of eccentricities on parade at SXSW. Here’s a sampling, and maybe a chance to find your soulmate (if you were at first hesitant to contact the man with the speedo’s manager because you didn’t think he was feeling it too).

Rhiannon sxsw – m4w
You had on red. I was performing in the street with very little more than some speedos on. I met a lot of women this week but I but I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I gave you my managers number but you never contacted me. I’m in town for a few more days lets make something happen.


Ps. Tell me what project you’re working on so I know its you


Dr.Steve-Apt above The Lodge – w4m – 32 (Sxsw-Young the Giant)

You followed me to Chinatown after meeting me at the Young the Giant concert. You, your tall friend, some other lady and I went back to the apt where we ate pizza whilst watching the mayhem unfold below on dirty 6th. I spent the night and left like a bat out of hell in the morning. Sorry for that. I left a ring there that my grandmother gave me. A ring that I value more than it is probably worth. I hope the Mancation was everything you had hoped it would be.


Austin police man – w4m (Austin sxsw)
To the sexy ass Hispanic police officer at sxsw that starred me down and made eye contact several times! Think the last name I saw on uniform was something like callobrello or something like that! Mmmmm m m sexy!


I made out with you and your roommate – m4w – 27 (Downtown SXSW)
age : 27

You said I was a good kisser and made your roommate try me out too. I thought you were cute and really wanted come home and f— you. I gave you my number, we both live off Riverside.


Tommy, seller of expensive couches, from SXSW Pandora – w4m (Pandora Discovery Den)
We talked for a while (longer than I ever talk to strangers at bars) because you’re a total jackpot of attractiveness and sweetness. You asked me to dinner but I declined because my time out here is fully booked (which is so completely true). I had every intention of being there when you came back with a drink but my intoxicated colleagues had to go.

I’m not putting much hope in this missed connections thing (and even if you do, I’m not sure what I’m hoping for because my time in Austin is still booked) but you seemed really great and you have amazing eyes.

If you get this, say hi.

At Cheer Up Charlies Last Night TACOCAT – m4t (downtown)
You were right in the center (about 6 rows of people back) close to the stage all during Tacocat’s show last night (Sat) at Cheer Up Charlies. I was a dirty mess from being out all day, getting rained on and drinking. LOL Was simply too exhausted and out of it to approach you. If you’re from Austin and not just in town visiting for SXSW, I hope you get this! Contact me please.


Girl on Train Leaving SXSW – m4w (north austin)

We left SXSW at the same time on the same train, tonight.You were there with a friend. As matter of fact you were holding on to your friend so she wouldn’t fall over. Nice of you do to! We made eye contact a few times in the beginning. I wanted to strike up a conversation with you but then that obnoxious guy kept making drunk remarks. I got off at the Howard station and you stayed on.

At any rate, I would like to get to know you. I should have said something! But it was just bad timing. So here I am taking my first shot at a missed connection on Craigslist.

Let’s see if this connects us. If it does, reach out to me ;)

Young lass with sxsw wristband – m4w (Boiler Room Emo’s)
It was sweet of you to try and help my friend and I to get in. We made it eventually but didn’t see you on the other side. Hopefully you and your friends had a good night.

Tell me where you’re from again if you read this. I do remember ;-)

Crossed Paths Alone in the Street at 3am, SXSW – w4m – 30 (Near S Lamar)

age : 30

We had a nice chat and similar stories while crossing paths alone on the street crossing directions stranded by SXSW’s terrible transportation and cell phone coverage. Both between jobs, you were contemplating a move away from sick family and my wallet had just been stolen.

You seemed attached, but terribly nice. The odds say we should at least be friends. I was dumb not to at least catch your name and email address.


White street police officer tonight during SXSW – m4m (Austin)
My god you were beautiful. I was the black guy with my hispanic friend. I could not keep my eyes off of you. You saw me checking you out while I was in the passenger seat in my friends car. I know this is a long shot but what was I wearing? color of my friends car. I hope you see this


flower in hair sxsw – m4w – 27 (foster the people)
age : 27 body : thin height : 6’2″ (187cm) status : single

You and a friend stood next to me at the concert. You had an orange flower in your hair, & I am tall & had on a yellow shirt. You left after the pumped up kicks song and I mentioned it, but was too shy to get your number earlier. Nothing like a long-shot 2nd chance.


Ohio Girl SXSW – m4w (cheer up charlies)
Met you and your group of friends from Ohio while waiting in line at cheer up charlies on Wednesday the 12th.
We had some jello shots while in line, talked about music we listened to, but mainly I was awe struck by your gorgeous eyes. My friend and I ended up leaving with you all and went to rustys and saw semi precious weapons? Lost you all afterwards since I had to find my friend. If by any chance you see this, reply! I’ve been hoping I would see you again downtown before sxsw ends, hope I do. I’ll be watching washed out and foster the people tonight so with any luck you’ll be there. You’ve been on my mind since we met and felt I missed an opportunity. Until next time.


ABGC during SXSW – m4m (1305 W. Oltorf)

Ok, so you and your boss were sitting by my friends and I, and everyone was drinking free beer and eating free pizza (yay SXSW schwag!) – anyways, after your boss left, you said that I had the most beautiful and infectious smile you’d seen, and then after we introduced ourselves, we discussed our love of Austin, Portland, and Seattle. I wish I had given you my phone number before I left – hit me back up on here (I know, Craigslist is a shot in the dark, but whatever) and yeah, let’s go out – you have an amazing smile and a majestic beard – I want to get to know you better!



age : 20

you are one f—ing hot dude
i saw you today while waiting in line and your eyes are gorgeous
i know you might not be gay or what not but if you ever want to get together im down to do what you ask of me
as of me im a young early 20s hispanic male average build


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