The 45,000-square-foot Eataly location inside Back Bay's Prudential Center finally opened its doors — with three sprawling floors of Italian delicacies, delights and ready-made meals. Culling a pristine selection of locally made goodies and products alongside high-quality, hand-selected Italian imports, the Mario Batali-helmed wonderland is due to make a splash among foodies and kitchen novices alike. Here's a quick look inside at just a few of the offerings the chain's new location has in store. 

1. Cheese for days at the I Formaggi — featuring local favorites like Grafton Village Cheese in Vermont.

2. Fresh pasta at La Pasta, Il Riso and I Cereali (pasta, flour and grains)

3. La Pescheria also serves as the fishmonger for the store's in-house restaurant locations, including Barbara Lynch's Il Pesce. 

4. Roman-style pizzas (pizza alla pala) and focaccia at La Focacceria.

5. And of course, there are groceries.

6. Locally sourced seasonal vegetables from La Verdura.

7. And locally sourced seasonal fruit from La Frutta.

8. Wine, please.

9. Island Creek Oysters will be slinging shellfish on the regular.

10. Charcuterie from I Salumi includes Italian sourced favorites alongside New England Charcuterie from Waltham.