Playing the Field: Pat Riley sells his mansion, Phil Knight is rich

Pat Riley's suit cost more than your house.

Former Lakers and Knicks coach — slash Heat championship poacher — Pat Riley just sold his mansion in Miami for $16.75 million.

If you’re into real estate porn, I suggest you take a look at the pictures in that link. It’s absurd. It has five bedrooms and eight baths, a private beach, boat dock, a couple pools and a theater room with bar. Oh and did I mention it’s located on a peninsula, surrounded by beautiful, warm water.

Riley even made money on the deal. He bought it for just $6.3 million back in 1996 when he started coaching the Heat.

And no, Knicks fans, he’s not getting ready to move back to New York to become coach of the Knicks next season. He has another place in Miami where he can hang out. He owns a penthouse at the Apogee South Beach where the cheapest place goes for $6.15 million.

Phil Knight is really, really rich

Speaking of real estate, ever wonder what having Nike founder Phil Knight as a booster can do for you? Watch this tour of the Oregon football team’s locker room and you’ll find out:

Oregon QB Brian Bennett takes you on a little tour of the locker room which has to be seen to be believed. now bear in mind, this is the locker room, not the practice facility, which is even crazier.

The locker room has two floors, with lockers for each player on both levels. It also has ventilated lockers (with plenty of room for a dozen different jerseys), personalized name plates, wall-to-wall carpeting and a bunch of flat-screen TVs. It even has a lighting system that adjusts to the outdoors so players’ eyes won’t have to adjust to the natural light when they charge out the doors onto the field at Autzen Stadium. SERIOUSLY. 

Oh, it also has a big ol’ picture of Phil Knight on the wall.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. He’ll sell you his apartment for $16.74 million. It’d be a real steal.


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