TV’s hottest dads dish on fatherhood

On TV, there’s no question everyone’s favorite talent competition judges and hosts can’t answer. Who has potential? How will they get there? They have an opinion about everything and they know how to say it with a straight face, never getting too emotional. But when it comes to opening up about kids, these guys turn to mush. We asked two dads (and one dad-to-be) about fatherhood and they didn’t hold back. Here’s what they told us.

Harry Connick Jr. with the four girls of his life. Lucky man! Credit: Getty Images
Harry Connick Jr. with the four girls of his life. Lucky man! Credit: Getty Images

Harry Connick Jr., 46, “American Idol” judge and father to Georgia, 17, Kate, 15 and Charlotte, 11

Metro: How do you balance family time with your new responsibilities as an “American Idol” judge?

Harry Connick Jr.: Well, I have a manager that I’ve been with since I was 18 and she’s really good at carving out time for work and for family. These last few months have been tough. I’m filming a movie, I was on tour and “Idol” was going on. …  I wish I could be with them every day, but they know I have to work and they support me, so no complaints.

He's a busy guy, but family comes first for Mario Lopez. Credit: Getty Images
Mario Lopez told us that what surprised him most about becoming a dad was the amount of love you have for your kids. Here he is with his daugther Gia.
Credit: Getty Images

Mario Lopez, 40, “The X Factor,” host and father to Gia, 3 and Dominik, 3 months

Metro: How did your daughter react to her new brother?

Mario Lopez: At first, it took some adjustment. She was like, ‘Hold on, is
this kid gonna stick around?’ Now she’s a really protective, good sister.”

Metro: How has your relationship with your wife changed since having kids?

ML: It makes me even closer to her. She’s an amazing mother.

Simon Cowell looked excited when Jay Leno handed him a cute little outfit to the future "Simon Jr." on Dec. 9. Credit: Getty Images
Simon Cowell looked excited when Jay Leno handed him a cute little outfit to the future “Simon Jr.” on Dec. 9. Credit: Getty Images

Simon Cowell, 54, “The X Factor” judge and father-to-be

Metro: As a father-to-be, are you going to be as tough on your son as you have been on “The X Factor”?

Simon Cowell: I hope that I can have the same relationship I had with my dad. He wasn’t someone who was a great disciplinarian. We had a fun relationship. He gave me really constructive advice in my life, which I still carry today and pass on to other people. So if I can have the same relationship with my son as I had with my dad, then I think he’ll be very happy and I’ll be very happy.


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