A former Lowell Police Officer accused of deadly drunk driving is due at trial in April, the Lowell Sun reports.

Eric Wayne , 42, is accused of killing one person and and seriously another in 2014 after he crashed head on into a car while drunk driving in Methuen. Charges include motor-vehicle homicide and manslaughter, the Sun reported.

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Wayne has a history of drunken behaviour and violence, according to prosecutors.

The 19-year veteran of the Lowell police force was charged with manslaughter while awaiting trial for a separate incident in 2013 in which his own department arrested him for drunk driving. Wayne was however, cleared of that charge in a 2015 trial.

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“In October of 2015, Wayne was committed to a treatment facility after he was arrested by Lowell police for allegedly being drunk and disorderly,” The Lowell Sun reported. “He was arrested for allegedly being drunk and causing a traffic disruption on Andover Street in Lowell on Oct. 19, 2015.”

Wayne has reportedly been given rehabilitation treatment. However, a recent reportedly found mental-health evaluation Wayne was still drinking daily.

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