An Allston man was held on $50,000 for four different sexual assaults committed in the Brighton area at his Tuesday arraignment following his arrest on Friday.

Steven Lent, 26, was arraigned in Brighton Municipal Court in connection to four sexual assaults committed in the Brighton area on August 14 and May 4. The next court date is set for July 14. He was charged with indecent assault and battery and rape for a sexual assault that occurred on August 14 on Quint Avenue, as well as three counts of sexual assault that took place on Brighton Avenue on August 14 and on Chester Street and Commonwealth Avenue on May 4.

Three women reported being groped by a male suspect who then fled the area after the assaults. The first incident happened around 5:23 p.m. near Chester Street. The victim said she felt the suspect approached her from behind and attempted to lift her dress. The victim then spun around and hit the suspect and chased him until he got away.

The second incident took place near 855 Commonwealth Ave. when a suspect approached the victim from behind, lifted her skirt and fled towards the Agganis Arena. The third assault took place on the B.U. Bridge.

The BUPD also said that an unspecified number of similar assaults were reported over that weekend in the Linden Street, Ashford Street and Pratt Street area.

Lent will return to court on July 14.