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Mass Hysteria for local beers and local tacos at ONCE (Photos)

The Somerville Foundation for Animals hosted a night of debauchery, cilantro and fundraising for furry friends.
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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Carol and Taghi Shaw of Elliot's House Pet Care |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Lindy LaRue and Bobby Berlet from Somerville play Klask, a game reminiscent of air ho|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Charlie Magarit of Medford and Sean Callahan of Lowell|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    John Thompson and Derek Rogers of Brockton and Marlborough|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Katie Crecelius of Newton|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Kelsey Roth with Exhibit A Beer of Framingham |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Cayla Mavil and Marina Sideli of Lamplighter of Cambridge|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Julie Asher and Audrey Kung of Cambridge|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Rachel Benichasa and Meghan O'Connell of Somerville|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Dennis Berte, Anna O'Hara, Stephen Headley and Ariel Cavanaugh of Boston

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    Liz Kiraly Head Brewer of Bone Up Brewing Company |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Taylor Lamberta of Brazo Fuerte of Watertown |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Dan Cuomo and Olivia Cruz of Somerville.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Kyle Baxter, Yoonji Choe, Jeff Morgan and Heather Conroe of Somerville

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    Neil Holloway, Sharyn VonTrapp and Rada Yovovich of Somerville |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Ava Quedros of Once Somerville |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Kathryn Lord and Diane Genereux|Derek Kouyoumjian

On Thursday night, the Somerville Foundation for Animals brought Lamplighter Brewing, Exhibit "A" Brewing Company, Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer and Bone Up Brewing together for Mass Hysteria, a taco party to raise funds for the new Somerville Pet Food Bank.

The sold out event featured silent auctions, games and a live performance from Keytar Bearin support of the new food bank that will provide support and food for pets in at-risk homes. Sponsor Once Somerville/Cuisine En Locale provided sustenance (tacos, obviously) to bidders duking it out for pup-friendly auction items like Polka Dog Bakery treat baskets, circus lessons and pet portrait sessions.

All photos byDerek Kouyoumjian.


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