You can really buy anything on the Internet.

A Boston-area man is selling autumn leaves from New England and shipping them to people's doors for $19.99. 

Customers will get three "preserved leaves" sent via USPS or Fedex that will arrive within five to seven days from the shipping date, according to the website

Those longing for the colorful foliage only experienced by select parts of the country, are also promised one red, one yellow and one green or mixed leaf collected from New England. Each leaf goes through a "unique preservation process" that "enhances the foliage color contrast and also preserves the leaves for years to come."

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There's even a handwritten message on behalf of the sender thrown in for free.

If the whole things sounds like a joke, you're not the only one thinking it. 

The website, which says it has "Grade A" foliage, even admits it doesn't sound real.

Founder Kyle Waring, of Somerville, Massachusetts, told the Boston Globe that the idea did start out as a joke, but is running with the concept. He even had an earlier site, called Ship Snow, Yo, where he shipped snow to people during Boston's record-breaking winter. 

"There are people who want to share some of the foliage with their friends and family, people who have lived in New England and don’t have access to it anymore, leaf-peepers of all types, really," he said, according to the Globe.