Miley Cyrus hospitalized, cancels Kansas concert, condition unknown, antibiotics allergy suspected

Singer Miley Cyrus was hospitalized on Tuesday night after suffering what is believed to be ‘a severe allergic reaction’ to […]


Explosions in new Boston Marathon bomb panic, ‘twisted’ performance artist Kayvon Edson arrested

A fresh Boston Marathon terror alert, which caused Bomb Squad officers to order an evacuation while two controlled explosions were […]


Bomb squad detonates backpacks left at Marathon finish line

The Boston Marathon finish line has been evacuated and the Copley Square T station has been closed as police investigate a suspicious package, WBZ is reporting.


What Reddit is doing to boost news capabilities

Reddit, a site that tracks everything from online news to celebrity Q&As, is allowing members of its passionate community to post their own news more quickly and easily.


Missouri man charged with sexually torturing five women

A Missouri man has been charged with raping and torturing five women in a St. Louis-area apartment over several years, law enforcement officials said on Tuesday.


VIDEO: Donate to charity by watching cute puppies on YouTube

Watch this cute video featuring puppies and donate money to animals in need - without spending a dime.