A couple was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly denying their dog veterinary care after she was found stuck with over 20 porcupine quills. 

Richard and Hillary Marshall, of Phillipston, are facing a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000, according to MSPCA Angell. They will be arraigned on May 24.

An MSPCA law enforcement officer brought the Cane Corso, named Buttercup, into Angell’s Emergency & Critical Care Unit on April 9, according to the organization. The 4-year-old had quills on her back, head, neck and in her mouth, and had to undergo surgery to remove 20 of them.

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“Buttercup was in significant pain, suffering from a fever, and riddled with infection and abscesses, the result of the quills embedding into her muscles,” the MSPCA said in a statement. “She also tested positive for Lyme disease and, as a result, her joints were inflamed.”

The veterinarians removed the quills, drained infected fluid from her body and gave her antibiotics to fight her Lyme disease, according to the MSPCA. Buttercup is now healing and ready for adoption, with the MSPCA saying she is very friendly and social.

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“She proves yet again just how resilient animals are, despite the sometimes horrific treatment they endure,” Alyssa Krieger, manager of the adoption center, said. “We’ve made her as comfortable as we can during her stay and her friendly personality has shone through. We’re looking forward to finding a loving new home for her.”

Anyone who is interested in adopting Buttercup can email the MSPCA at adoption@mspca.org or visit mspca.org. The organization said she is receiving ongoing care to heal from surgery but she is past the worst of her health issues. They noted Buttercup would do best in an active home where she could get a lot of exercise.