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PHOTOS: DAYBREAKER wakes up Boston

Who needs coffee when you can dance yourself awake?
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    Kayli Adams, Megan Ellis, Amanda Kinsella, and Sarah Ellis get their 80's dance on|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    DJ Richard Frioli and MC Alshane Williams get the dancing going.

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    Lululemon sponsored athelete Izzy Vanhall and Ray Borg show their yoga contortion |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Melanie Supple, Carrie Bevis, and Devin Karbowicz "get into the groove".

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    All sorts of communal dancing went down that morning at Daybreaker

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    Mack Robillard and Daybreaker associate producer Daniel Berman carry their 80's ic|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Margaret Harrison and Sarah Coppinger of the Handle Bar Cycling Studio dance in th|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Joel Gardella and Ariel Shrum play trumpet and sax to the beats and dancing.

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    Regie Gibson, winner of the 1998 National Slam Competition, breaks out some words |Derek Kouyoumjian

A new alarm clock for urban areas is on the rise. Daybreaker is an event that visits all major cities to break the routine mornings that all of us have. Their intention is to help their participants live life a little differently while hoping the experience can make them more excited to start their day.

Starting with yoga for the early birds at 6 a.m, Daybreaker continues at 7 a.m. with live performances and endless dance circles for their participants. Promoting a healthier lifestyle to headstart your morning, Daybreaker is a "no booze allowed" event. At the "bar" there are the morning essentials — breakfast snacks, coffee and a variety of juices.

Daybreaker returned to Boston on Saturday, Sept. 17th for another reputable dance party. This time around, Daybreaker participants crowded around City Hall Plaza while being covered head to toe is bright '80s themed clothing. At this Jazzercize, people did all things fun while getting some good ol' cardio in before starting their day.Attendees modeled their favorite neon spandex, leg warmers and sportswear for a 7 a.m. yoga session before two hours of dancing.

With an unusual yet remarkable twist to their purpose, Daybreaker is ready to spread their movement from city to city. Prepare to leave the dance floor ready to rock your day.

Were you there? Check out our photo gallery above by DerekKouyoumjian.


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