When you fill out your income tax forms this season, the Massachusetts Animal Fund hopes you keep the welfare of the state's pets in mind. 

Dozens of Boston-area student-created posters commissioned by the Fund will be on display at the State House this week, an effort to remind taxpayers about Line 32F, where taxpayers can donate to its mission: spaying and neutering animals, and supporting animal control officer training.

More than 100 Boston-area students submitted hand-drawn posters for the display, each of them featuring "32F" in some way alongside drawings of cats, dogs, bunnies and birds. The rest of the gallery has been posted on the Fund's Facebook page. They'll be hanging on the fourth floor of the State House through Friday, Jan. 22.

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"Help save cats and dogs," wrote one 7-year-old artist. "We love our pets so help save them!"

The Fund, run by the state's Department of Agricultural Resources has helped more than 5,000 animals since last summer, its leaders wrote on Facebook.

The effort, the full name for which is the Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Fund, also takes donations by check or online