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PHOTOS: SomDog Spring Fling 2016

A whole lot of cute in one place if you ask us
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    Somerville and Medford residents Bogart, Moose, and Maverickwith their humans David G|Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    MarrissaGutoff with Riley|Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    TheSomDog Spring Fling in full swing.|Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Bluewith Karina F from Somerville. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    John Bean with Spice from Somerville show off Spice's "playdead" s|Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    The SomDog Spring Fling in full swing. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    The SomDog Spring Fling in full swing. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Anna Taylor Nason sketching dog portraits. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Goose with Kathleen W from South Boston. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Jill Hourihan of The Pet Republic, who makes frozen yogurtfor health conscious dogs, |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Mike Merfeldof 2 Dogs Treats gives Riley a dabble of his wares.

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    LizMorgan offers Moose a treat. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    Maizieand Julie Asher from Somerville. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

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    IanBlizard from Medford eats his hot dog while Maddie begs on. |Derek Kouyoumjian/Metro

The SomDog Spring Fling brought dozens of adorable little pups out toUnion Square.

It was the fourth annual gathering for fans of furry friends, and attendees were invited to donate to Somerville Animal Control.

Among other things, SomDog is a resource for dog-owners in the area and has beenan advocate in the community for dog parks and off-leash activities.

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