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Pokémon-themed condoms invading Boston Common this weekend

Because sometimes you don’t want to catch em all!

Attendees of Saturday’s Pokémon Go meetup will find some seemingly real Pokéballs in Boston Common — but there won't be a Squirtle or Charmander inside.

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Local condom company ONE will be distributing Poké Balls containing condoms during the Pokéwalk tomorrow. Each Poké Ball is a ONE-branded metal tin that’s been painstakingly painted to look like the devices that capturePokémon. The company noted, in a release sent today, that they’ll be releasing the DIY kit to create a condom tin-turned-Poké Ball of your very own tomorrow.

The ONE condom tin retails for $1.99on their site, and is apparently meant to protect your condoms from damage during transit. Because sometimes a little Poké is not so fun.


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