Boston's cat café dreams are about to become a purr-fect reality — in Brighton.

PURR Cat Café took one more step toward opening its doors to feline-loving coffee drinkers, as the café's creator announced on Facebook Thursday that she'll be signing a lease early next week.

"Finally Boston, PURR has a home. The kitties are going to paw in the lease early next week. The kitties and I can't wait to meet you all," PURR creator Diane Kelly wrote on Facebook.

The cat café will be the first of its kind in Boston, and will offer guests a chance to pet rescue cats in a coffee shop setting. The spot also acts as a shelter for cats and kittens that would otherwise be at risk for euthanasia, according to PURR's Facebook page. The cats will be up for adoption.

As for snacks, Eater Boston reports that the cafe will join forces with local eateries to bring in food and drinks.

Kelly did not give a specific address for the cafe. 

Eater reported in May that the café would host events like paing andmovie nights as well as speed dating, yoga and lectures on cat welfare. 

It's the second attempt at a cat cafe in Boston. A cafe called Le Chat Noir failed to open despite a 2014 IndieGoGo campaign.