Police in Arlington on Saturday subdued a woman who lunged at officers with a knife, according to statements from the department this weekend.

Around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, police visited the 32-year-old's Grove Street home to perform a well-being check, where they found she had barricaded herself inside threatening to harm herself, according to a news release.

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When police burst into the apartment, the woman swung a "large knife" at officers, the report said. It was then that an officer, identified as Arlington PD Officer Michael Hogan, fired a non-lethal beanbag round at the woman, disarming her, police said. 

The woman, who is not being identified, was taken into custody and was being evaluated at a hospital, police said. Police in the release said officers had averted a "potential 'suicide by cop' situation"

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“Our officers responded to a call and immediately found themselves in a dangerous situation, facing an armed subject who was clearly distraught,” Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said in a prepared statement. “Thankfully, the officers, including Officer Hogan, fell back on their training and were able to resolve this situation without the loss of life and without serious injury to either the subject or the responding officers.”