Ever wonder if everything stayed awesome?

No guarantees you'll find out, but there's a new 15-minute mini sequel to "The Lego Movie" screening starting this Saturday at LegoLand Discovery Center in Assembly Row. The 4-D film catches up with your favorite character, so you won't have to wait until 2018 for the pending full-length sequel (thanks, Chris Pratt!), and features much of the same cast, including Alison Brie as UniKitty and Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle. Emmett, however, will be voiced by A.J. LoCascio — thanks, Chris Pratt! — and Patton Oswalt will be make his Lego debut as a new character named Risky Business.

The 4-D film experience is exactly what it sounds like: There will be splashes of water, gusts of wind and likely some smokey scenes that immerse the audience in the flick. From what we've been told, it also sounds like there's audience participation in the form of using "Master Builder skills to help save [the cast]!"

The film is set to play through the end of the year with a potential extension. 

Film fee included in the price of admission; LegoLand Discovery Center, 598 Assembly Row, Somerville, legolanddiscoverycenter.com.