A real-life superhero teaches children heroism, respect and martial arts

While 30-year-old Staten Island resident Chris Pollak may not have the money, he does have the training, dedication and the costume.


Sierra Leone Ebola patient, recovered from family, dies in ambulance

An Ebola patient whose family sparked a nationwide hunt when they forcefully removed her from a treatment center and took her to a traditional healer has died.


New York Times calls for legalization of pot

The New York Times editorial board on Saturday endorsed a repeal of the federal ban on marijuana, becoming the largest paper in the nation to back the idea.


Photos: ROC Race, Mudderella, Rugged Maniac, Superhero Scramble racers tackle obstacle courses

Check out some intense photos from some of the toughest obstacle course races, including ROC Race, Mudderella, Rugged Maniac, and Superhero Scramble.


Two injured after cable snaps on Ohio amusement park ride

A cable on a large swing ride at an Ohio amusement park snapped and struck two riders as the swing was in motion, injuring them.


BuzzFeed writer Benny Johnson fired for plagiarism

The news and entertainment website BuzzFeed has fired the writer Benny Johnson after its editors said they found he plagiarized others' work 41 times.