An Uber driver accused of making several unwanted sexual advances toward a reporter is "no longer active on the platform," an Uber spokeswoman announced Friday to

The reporter, Allison Pohle of, alleges that she was harassed while she took an Uber ride home and wrote a story on the website early Friday morning recounting the incident, which took place "a few weeks ago." reported the announcement from the Uber spokeswoman on Friday.  

It is not clear whether the driver has been fired. Uber cited privacy and would not go further in detail, according to The company would also not confirm if Pohle’s story had any part in the driver not being active. 

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According to Pohle's story, the driver detailed his sexual history involving his wife and then asked Pohle if she had a boyfriend. Pohle noted that she was sitting in the passenger seat of the car and the car's doors were locked. 

“I feel like I met you because something is supposed to happen, and it’s a sign,” she remembered him saying, according to her story. 

“I don’t think so,” she said to the driver. “I told you I have a boyfriend.”

Once they got to her destination, she said that the driver asked for her phone number and "demanded" to know if she was attracted to him. 

He asked, “Can I just get your number?” according to Pohle’s account. “We can stay in touch. Don’t you want to be friends? You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

According to the, a representative for Uber said the company will notify people on the "local level" to coach drivers in order to stop this kind of incident from happening again. 

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Pohle wrote in her story that the Uber representatives she talked to after the incident would not say whether the driver is still working for them. She stated that she was not going to use the service again until they let her know for sure.

After reporting the incident to the police and reaching out to several different representatives at Uber, she got the assurance that she would not be paired with the driver again. The company also gave her a $30 credit at the time of the reporting.