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What it's like to spend the night at the Museum of Fine Arts (PHOTOS)

Hint: You'll be hitting the dance floor
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    Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright speaks with reporter James Pindell of|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Guests in the Edward H Linde Gallery.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Boston based DJ Zephyr Ann spins dance music in the Edward H Linde Gallery.

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    Gideon Balloch from Canada takes in Tsuro Matsugaki's "The MacArthur Series: The Occu|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Ilana Katz and Yelena Rudman from Newton in front of "Grater Divide" by Mona Hatoum

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    Matt Chastain and Noemie Sportiche with "Prisma Branco" by Ernesto Neto

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    Laura and Jorge Rastrepo share a late night date|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Christine Rocha and .Jonathan Luiz in front of "Backward C" by Mark Bradford.

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    Boston based mixed media artists Cyrille Conan assembles an untitled piece using colo|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Revelers danced to the music spun by DJ Zephyr Ann.|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Collette Auger and Alison Yong |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Kay Pantoja and Charles Arnaudo|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Sarah McNeil and Julie Guerette |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Parnel Bogard, La'Shante Cox and Elizabeth Auguste on the dance floor|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Stephanie Larar and Ben Uhlarik in front of "Ghost (Vines)" by Teresita Fernández

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    Krysten Fernandez and Delanoe Johnson|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Justin Mott and Nick Liddie|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

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    DJ ABD spins in the Bravo upstairs dance room|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    A different tempo of music and dance in the Bravo upstairs dance room|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Shravya Rao, Aleena Qazi, and Sydney Williams|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    David Leeds and Brigid DeTreux interact with "This Is Not Exactly A Cat Video" by Fra|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    Ava Desjardins, Ian Piazza, Andy Keefe, Simone Hoegson, and Julia HanmeAva Desjardins|Derek Kouyoumjian

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    |Derek Kouyoumjian

The Museum of Fine Arts hosted their third #mfaNOW overnight party on Friday evening — inviting attendees to spend the entire evening in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art. The free event allows guests to explore the wing's vast collection — including the trippy fantastic "UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991–2015" and Christian Marclay's 24-hour film "The Clock" — while enjoying multiple dance floors, guest speakers, an evening workout with Heartbreak Hill Running Company, food trucks and interactive DIY art opportunities. The "State of the Party" evening featured a chat with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Boston Globe political reporterJames Pindell.

The fourth — and final — totally free #mfaNOW overnight party (appropriately deemed "Last Call") will kick off Sat., Dec. 9 at 9 p.m.


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