"Bachelorette" bad-boy Chad Johnson always has something to say. This time he’s stirring up drama with his latest claim on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show — that the other men on the ABC drama are cheating on their girlfriends.

After chatting about his alleged roid-rage (“People think I’m this violent, crazy person who, like, hurts women or something like that”) and his thoughts on Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher (“I mean — looks wise — she’s my type”), Chad reminded us that he really is a “nice guy.”

Compared to the other guys, that is.

“At the end of the day, half these guys are cheating on their girlfriends, half of them broke up with girlfriends to be on the show,” Johnson told Cohen. But, don’t worry, good-guy Chad would never consider that: “I’m the only one with an actual real reason for coming on the show — to meet somebody.”

Cohen — and the rest of America — couldn’t be more skeptical. Whatever you say, Chad.