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Jada Pinkett posts a heartfelt message for her husband's birthday

Brangelina may be over, but at least Jada and Will Smith are here to show us that love isn’t dead.

Jada and Will restore our faith in romance.

For his 48th birthday this Sunday, Jada Pinkett took to Facebook to share a beautiful message about her husband.
“You have been the greatest gift to me,” she wrote.
"I saw this video yesterday and it reminded me of all the wonderful ways you and I have made a difference together on this planet. We do so much good in this world together, Will, and there is so much more to come," she wrote. "You have been the greatest gift to me in that way, by being a fire of inspiration in my heart."
She added, "I love you always. To the king of kings...happy birthday!!!! Jada."
This was only one part one of the adorable gesture–she also shared a video from Will’s trip to an underdeveloped nation, where the two helped raise $789,000 for water-project costs.
No wonder they’re getting ready to embark on their 19th year of marriage. We should all be taking notes.

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