After all the hullabaloo over the Rio Olympics being a possible apocalyptic romp, with polluted water and potential muggings, they’ve been going pretty smoothly. Even better: Now they’re getting Leslie Jones! The “Saturday Night Live” goddess and “Ghostbusters” scene-stealer turns out to be a massive Olympics nerd. She’s even repurposed her Twitter feed away from battling racist trolls angry that she’s in one of the summer’s big movie reboots. Now it’s entirely about sending giddy support to the world’s collection of super-athletes.

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Her outpouring was so intense that NBC scooped her up. Later in the week, she’ll be down in Brazil, joining the on-air hosts in gushing about all the Olympic prowess going on. That’s good for NBC, too: Their coverage tends toward blandly inspirational stories of triumphs of the human spirit and all that jazz. They need someone like Leslie Jones to keep us awake during the tennis matches.