Let's talk about spoilers. In this age of streaming, DVRs and delayed viewing, there's plenty of debate about what exactly constitutes one. For instance, when "Star Wars: the Force Awakens" was released, fans begged critics and fellow viewers to take it easy with plot details during the first week of release.

But a movie playing in theaters is one thing. A TV show that's already been broadcast? That's another. Except it isn't, according to some fans of "The Walking Dead." Sunday night saw the action-packed return of the zombie drama, and on Monday night — during the premiere of "Better Call Saul" — network AMC decided to advertise next week's episode by recapping the crazy stuff that had happened the night before. Apparently, that was not cool with some fans.

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"AMC spoiling a one-day-old episode of 'The Walking Dead' during a 'Better Call Saul' break is going to piss a s—load of people off," one fan tweeted. Sure, except that's not really a spoiler anymore, you know? The show has aired. Just because you haven't had time to watch it doesn't mean everyone else has to wait quietly until you do.