Teyana Taylor has the kind of body that makes you want to ditch your desk and head straight to the gym — that is, an empty, 1980s era gymnasium where you can strip down and make up your own dance routine. Well, now you can dance with her, via her new subscription-based online workout program  “Fade2Fit,” which launches today. 

The dance fitness plan features workout vids inspired by Taylor's moves from Kanye West's “Fade" — which, in case you don't recall, features a sweat-slicked Taylor wearing only a sports bra, thong and knee pads, strutting around a retro-gym. It's a performance that would pump up even the laziest, most fitness-shy lug out there, making it no suprise that it's jumpstarted a new career for the 26-year-old "Freak on" singer.

Taylor, who famously turned up her fitness after she gave birth to her daughter in late 2015, has said that she doesn’t diet or go to the gym —  dancing is her secret. 

Check out the “Fade” video below, in case you haven't seen it (what?) or you need a dose of #fitspiration. But if you need a whole regimen's worth, sign up for Fade2Fit here