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PHOTOS: See the 10 cutest animal photos ever

The animal photos in "Cute Emergency" will make you feel better about life.
"My nest or yours?""Um...someone's in here!""Total bamboo coma.""I'm under here, mom. Or did you...forget?""Doggy paddling, he's a natural. Surfing, not so much.""My, what a hairy baby you have.""One time he thought he was getting eaten by a monster, but it was just a mirror.""They're not her kittens. She just needs the babysitting money.""He wears his heart on his nose (because he doesn't have sleeves).""Even pigs need their beauty rest."

Tony Heally had a simple idea when he launched his Twitter account @CuteEmergency. He just wanted to cheer people up by tweeting cute photos of animals. What happened far exceeded his expectations. Today, the Twitter account has over 2 million followers and he has a new book out this month.

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The book has over 100 glossy photos of adorable animals, plus witty captions Heally penned himself. We round up some of our favorites here.

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