In case you've been... no, there's no way you haven't heard of Broadway's hip-hop musical "Hamilton." Lin-Manuel Miranda's singing tribute to founding father Alexander Hamilton is all up in your memeswooing Democratic donors and charming audiences who can't even get into one of its sold-out shows. 

There's one place it hasn't been yet: Top 40 radio, but a new tribute soundtrack should change that.

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Miranda, who wrote the lyrics and music to "Hamilton" as well as starring in the production (what have you done in 2015?), tweeted last month that he was working on getting together a new album of remixes, covers and "inspired bys" of the show's already smash-hit soundtrack.

On Tuesday, he told Playbill that the EP, dubbed "The Hamilton Mixtape," will feature not just hip-hop, but also pop and rap artists. He's hoping to coincide the release with the Founding Father's birthday, Jan. 11.

"We're giving the score to artists and saying, 'What do you make of it?' We have some of the artists; we don't have all of the artists," he said.

One thing we do know is to expect a track we haven't heard before: The EP will include the rap battle between Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison over slavery that didn't make it into the production.

Who could be on deck for "Hamilton"? Judging by the musical starpower of the "Hamilton" audience — Jay Z and Beyonce swung by to see the show on Oct. 21, perhaps for research? — Miranda has his pick of artists.
Until we find out more, listen to the soundtrack (if you don't already know it well enough to earn an honorary place in the chorus), and read Miranda's personal annotations published this week on Genius.
And in case you can't get to NYC, or can't afford the massively in-demand tickets, Miranda is also working to get the show filmed before the end of the year.
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