After losing all his major endorsements after his Rio Olympics scandal, Ryan Lochte is finally making a comeback– well, kind of. The 32-year-old star has already earned a deal with Pine Brother’s throat lozenges and, as of Tuesday, his emaciated list of rebound helpers will now include

We’re not sure how passionately connected he is to cough drops, but, at least, seems to be promoting a message that Lochte can relate to: Life happens. The company, which prides itself as a business of “new beginnings,” is dedicated to helping people come back from tough personal financial situations.

Naturally, this won’t make up for losing all four of his major sponsors, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren, but at least it’s progress. After all, the swimmer did invent a supposed armed robbery to cover up drunkenly vandalizing a gas-station bathroom. It can only get better from here.