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Slideshow: Movies from the '70s and '80s that haven't been rebooted

These film classics (or not-quite-classics) haven't been revived. Not that they should be.
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    Speaking of Spielberg, how has this not been co-opted, other than that Spielberg c|Universal Pictures

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    With the proliferation of all-star mash-up movies, like the “Avengers” series,|Provided

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    The teen horndog craze appears to be dead again, after a brief revival during the |Provided

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    Eddie Murphy’s not doing anything, and Nick Nolte has gone from the Sexiest Man |

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    Old people movies are back in vogue, and some of them (like “The Best Exotic Mar|Provided

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    Granted, the audience for this jam-packed whatzit is never grown past cult-sized, |MGM

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    Bigfoot movies have been thin on the ground, and this one has the luxury of featur|Provided

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    Good ideas don’t better than the one about a mannequin who’s actually an Egypt|Provided

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    “Vice Versa,” “Like Father, Like Son” (pictured), “18 Again” — the 1|Provided

We recently ran a little rant about the lack of original films and the dearth of franchises and blockbusters. One of our gripes included the number of old series being rebooted or still spawning sequels. We don’t want to give execs any ideas, but there are, in fact, a number of classics (or not-quite-classics, or just plain old movies that exist) from the the 1970s and 1980s that haven’t, mysteriously, been plucked for a new life. Above you will find some of those.


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