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Worst dressed celebrities of the week: Gigi Hadid, Kris Jenner, Lady Gaga and more

Heaven and earth! Is fashion to be thus polluted, ladies?
Is fashion to be thus polluted, Gigi Hadid?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Lady Gaga?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Kris Jenner?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Chloe Sevigny?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Maisie Williams?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Diane Lane?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Maddie Hasson?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Whitney Able?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Sara Sampaio?Is fashion to be thus polluted, Coco Rocha?

Spring has finally sprung and the earth is beginning to bloom with all sorts of beauty. On the flip side, celebrities continued to slip and slide their bodies into some decidedly ugly fashion.
One of the most horrible trends we’ve been noticing is a strange obsession with mesh, tulle and lace.

We sort of get the last two, but what’s up with the mesh? We've seen it mosaiced with other fabrics or sometimes worn all as one piece. Mesh is horrible and belongs only in gay clubs and football scrimmage scenes in films from the '80s.
Anyway, here’s some of the worst offenders, the fashion criminals of the celebrity universe that we’ve seen this week:
Gigi Hadid: Hadid's putting on a strong face, despite the embarrassment of reportedly forgetting there was a red carpet event in her bedroom.
Lady Gaga: Remember that ugly “Asian” vase you inherited from your racist grandmother? That was actually this dress. Good thing you sold it on eBay.
Kris Jenner: "Can you believe my granddaughter and I wear the same size?" Kris reportedly yelled to her reflection in an empty bathroom.
Chloe Sevigny:"I eat nothing, the fashion eats me, it's the circle of life," Sevigny reportedly whispered to a wall.
Maisie Williams: Here we see Williams gleefully wearing some finger art she made in preschool earlier that day.
Diane Lane: Lane’s dress reportedly moonlights as a decorative sheet hung on a dorm room wall at NYU.
Maddie Hasson: This dress is based off something I drew when a psychologist asked me to draw my "greatest fear.”
Whitney Able: This dress is for someone who thinks, “Which horrible fabric should I wear today? Oh, I know! HOW ABOUT ALL OF THEM.”
Sara Sampaio: If you have a long enough rope, you can lace this dress up into a mini body bag.
Coco Rocha: Rocha borrowed this mesh top from her gay best friend who plays in a gay football league (supposedly).

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