Chris Martin definitely has a type, that's for sure. The Coldplay front-man — who was previously married to Gwyneth Paltrow and up until recently was dating Jennifer Lawrence —has reportedly taken up with another famous lady who could conceivably take part in a police lineup with his exes: "Peaky Blinders" actress Annabelle Wallis. 

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The two were spotted dining out at Brooklyn's Lucali bistro recently and were "very clearly a couple," a source tells Us Weekly. What does that mean, exactly? Looking deeply into each other's eyes and talking intimately, according to the spy. But hey, Martin could just be a close-talker who's into eye contact. Stranger things have happened.

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“He has moved on quickly and has been seeing Annabelle Wallis for about a month,” another source says. “He visited her while she was filming in Vancouver and really likes her." So there you have it. 

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