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Barbie facts, figures and history you didn't know for her 57th birthday

Happy birthday Barbie! You haven't aged a bit!
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    Denstist Barbie in Germany.

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    Barbie using a computer in 1997.

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    President Barbie.

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    Special Karl Largerfeld edition Barbie.


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    Malibu Barbie.

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    Barbie goes fishing.

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    Barbie is ready for a swim.


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    1961 Ken doll.


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    A very Dapper Ken in 2010.


She might not look it but Barbie turns 57 on March 9. As you’ll find out, the figurine has quite a story to tell.

In honor of her 57th birthday, Metro takes a look at the life and style of the world’s most popular doll in this fun infographic.

(Click here for the high-res version)


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