In an increasingly tight and competitive job market, employers are demanding more and more specialized skills. Many jobs that once required a bachelor’s degree now require a master’s. And that demand is only expected to skyrocket. According to a New York Times article, master’s programs are the fastest-growing degree programs in the US.

The new Cambridge College Accelerated BS to MBA Program, scheduled to launch in the Spring 2017 semester, is specifically created to help adult learners gain the in-demand business skills that employers.

“Graduating with an MBA opens the student up to more opportunities and makes the student more marketable upon graduation,” says Robert Goldberg, Koch Chair and MBA Executive Director of Cambridge College’s School of Management. “It allows the student to get a head-start on their career by completing their MBA in one year following bachelor’s degree completion. It’s a win-win-win-win for our students.”

Goldberg then further lists the benefits that adult learners particularly derive from enrolling in the Accelerated BS to MBA Program. These benefits include: 

  • Saves time: Students graduate in five years with two degrees, rather than the traditional six years. 
  • Saves money : Students can save thousands of dollars by completing their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree at the same time as some graduate courses are billed at the undergraduate rate. 
  • Gives students an edge in the job market: Graduates gain a competitive edge by graduating with an MBA and specialized skills that employers need. This, in turn, makes them stand out as job candidates.

To enroll for the Spring 2017 semester or to learn if the Cambridge College Accelerated BS to MBA Program is right for you, please visit us at orcall 1-800-829-4723 or 617-873-0107 for more information.