If you find posts on Facebook offensive and rather unholy, consider its squeaky-clean clone geared for God-fearing Christians. Faceglória prohibits over 600 words, content deemed to be erotic or violent, as well as references to homosexuality.

Users of the site click ‘Amen’, instead of ‘Like’, to show their appreciation of “sin-free” posts. The Brazilian-based site, which has attracted 150,000 members since its launch last month, has the country’s burgeoning Evangelical Christian community as its target audience. Metro spoke to the site’s co-founder Acir Filló and web designer Atilla Barros, from the city of Ferraz de Vasconcelos in Brazil, on the appeal of an immaculate social network.

What’s so divine about Faceglória?
We realized for a while that Facebook was showing so much pornography and violence and that sort of thing does not please the Christian family. So, we decided to create one without bad words, a site that would respect our principles as Evangelical Christians and where we could talk about God and other important issues. 
So, to spread the message of Christianity…
Yes, we want to be a tool to promote world peace, to create awareness for youngsters. While the Islamic State is using Facebook to recruit young people, we want to work for peace – we want to be different. Our plan is to make partnerships and launch campaigns on very important subjects, like politics and abortion, for example. Our focus in creating the site isn’t simply an economic one.  
Faceglória is aimed at Christians. Critics would say that it’s then not for people of all creeds…
We're evangelical, but everyone is welcome to be part of Faceglória. We just ask to people to respect our rules and the site’s members.
What are the rules and who makes them?
The members themselves decides what is wrong or not. If they see something that doesn't seem nice, they can report it to us and a special team will then analyze the case. But they have the freedom to say if they don't agree with something, no problem with it.
Yet your site bans content that references homosexuality… 
They can participate in our group because we don't have any kind of prejudice – that's for sure. The only thing that we say is for them to respect our Christian rules and not to post material that may displease friends and members.

For now, Faceglória is just based in Brazil, and in Portuguese. Is there interest to expand overseas?
Sure! We’ve already registered the URL address faceglory.com and in about a week we'll be launching it in English. More versions with other languages may come in a month. Our website is not complete yet, but we're working hard to get one million members soon and in a few years up to 20 million in Brazil and 10 million around the world. A mobile app is also in the works. We have a lot of friends and entrepreneurs who are helping us because they believe in our project. 
God forgives all that we have done, but apparently Mark Zuckerberg does not, as Facebook has accused you of plagiarising their site…
We did receive an extrajudicial notification from them, but we're not worried because we own the brand Faceglória since the beginning of the idea. Actually, they began a case against us three years ago, but lost it. They don't own the name “Face”, so we have the right to exist too.

So you don’t feel threatened by the social media giant?
Of course not. They are saying we copied them, but they actually imitated Orkut [Google's original social network]. The social network model is universal, they're all similar. But I can say we don't want start a war with them. We're actually searching for a good relationship with them. Our purpose is to coexist in peace.