There’s nothing more awkward than a date asking, “How is online dating going for you?” Cringe. Aren’t we here to create new potential – not linger on the past? Yet still, people ask.

It happens because whatever site or app you met on is one thing you definitely have in common. It’s a comfort zone. And sometimes dating can feel really outside of your comfort zone.

If your date retreats to the land of accidental awkwardness, here’s how to handle the question.

Tease your date. Teasing is actually a form of flirting so use it as an opportunity to build rapport with each other. Rather than getting offended or feeling unsure of yourself, take a playful tone in your response.

You might try something like, “Why? Is this date going so well that you want to know who else I’m dating already?” Or, “Well I met you, didn’t I?” You could even address the awkwardness by responding with something like, “Well that’s a weird question for a first date. Surely we have more in common than Match/Tinder/OkCupid!”

When you’re teasing, keep in mind that tone and body language matter most to make it clear that you’re poking fun with your response.

Transition off the topic quickly. After teasing, re-engage by showing genuine interest in your match. Ask something you really want to know, so you shift the focus back to the connection you’re creating. Ultimately, that is where online dating got the two of you!

Make sure you avoid the detour. This question has the power to derail a date, and answering it, gives it that power. For example, reminding your date that you have other suitors can take the two of you out of the intimate space you’re attempting to build. Or if you use it as an opportunity to gripe about the site or app where you met, it could force you further apart rather than closer together.