Whatever challenges the future of education holds, you’ll be prepared for them. Equal access. Fair testing. Achievement gaps. It’s a critical time for education, and the world needs more teachers who can adapt to, and thrive in, a changing landscape. As an aspiring teacher, that means you’ll need more than the latest pedagogical theories to make an impact. You’ll need the confidence and creativity that can only come with extensive hands-on experience in 21st century classrooms.

That’s why at Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education we’re committed to helping you put what you learn into action. Our powerful alumni network, partnerships with local schools and school districts, and home base in Cambridge, Massachusetts—the epicenter of higher education—make it possible for you to work alongside educators and activists who are revolutionizing the way students are taught. We specialize in integrating the arts, literacy, and technology across all of our education programs.

This means that you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to foster student creativity, meet rigorous academic standards, and support children with diverse learning needs. An M.Ed. from Lesley empowers you to do more than teach. It prepares you to engage, mentor, and advise today’s students in meaningful ways. To make your own contribution to the field of education. So whatever challenges the future holds, you’ll be ready to bring out the best in your students. The world is counting on you. Lesley University Graduate School of Education | Cambridge, Massachusetts

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