This glass house brings the outside world’s natural beauty into the home. 

Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov has designed —  but not erected — the “Tree In the House,” a cylindrical glass structure built around a fir tree. If everything goes according to plan, Almassov hopes to begin construction on the project in Almaty, Kazakstan, in early 2017.

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“I’ve been looking for a solution that would help, in the future, to avoid the destruction of forests; we want to live with it in harmony. So I created the tubular glass house around a tree,” said Almassov, founder of A.Masow Architects.


Structure. The house consists of a metal structure that supports the frame of the house.

Energy. The solar panels provide heat and electricity in the house, while a Tesla wall serves as an energy accumulator.

Construction. The house may finally become a reality now that potential investors have been found.