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The Word: Justin Bobby needs to move on

Unreliable bad-boy Justin “Bobby” Brescia is dating another co-star from “The Hills” — this time, Holly Montag.

First it was Audrina Patridge. Then Kristin Cavallari. And now unreliable bad-boy Justin “Bobby” Brescia is dating another co-star from “The Hills” — this time, Holly Montag. “They’re dating and have been for awhile,” a source tells Us Weekly. But the source isn’t optimistic: “He’s reckless and will disappear in his house for days at a time.”

Brescia doesn’t need to date “The Hills” starlets for our entertainment anymore — it’s off the air. Perhaps another MTV franchise could use him as the lusty ne’er-do-well? “Teen Mom”? They always need disappointing, emotionally stunted boyfriends! You think Amber and Gary create drama? Just wait until Justin Bobby enters the picture, dates one of the desperate moms and then disappears with a baby down to Cabo for a few days.

A flight attendant puts the Biebs in his place

Forget Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who cursed out a passenger and then slid down the emergency-evacuation chute (with a beer in hand) — there’s a new cabin crew member in the news who deserves our accolades.

According to Sky News, during a flight home from Australia, Justin Bieber was labeled a flight risk for refusing to stay in his seat when the seatbelt sign was illuminated. A Qantas flight attendant reportedly told Bieber that he “had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one.”

I’m pretty sure that’s the first time in Justin Bieber’s young life that he’s actually been put in his place by an adult. Nice work, Australian flight attendant! You are the Crocodile Dundee of beverage carts of my heart.

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