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The worst dressed at the Billboard Music Awards

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    She may be a "Pretty Girl," but Iggy Azalea looks like she squeezed into this ill-|Getty Images

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    We get that as Miss America Kira Kazantsev has a penchant for ballgowns, but this |Getty Images

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    Did the Fifth Harmony girls raid a Deb store for their dresses? C'mon ladies, you |Getty Images

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    "Pitch Perfect" star Hailee Seinfield's outfit is a little bit country and a lot w|Getty Images

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    We love that Celine Dion is still working it, but this olive green leather dress i|Getty Images

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    Why so covered up, Britney? This dress would look a lot better if it was shorter. |Getty Images

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    Rita Ora's dress looks like it could fall apart at any second. If people can tell |Getty Images

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    Actress Stefani Scott's makeup is on point and her crop top is cute, but the pants|Getty Images


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