A jobseeker took to Twitter to win the attention of internet-prowling employers – by (not so) subtly adding parts of his résumé into his tweets. Javier DeSantiago, a video editor at a local news station in Tucson, Arizona, slyly posted some words on his most attractive qualities in sprightly, if a bit clumsy messages – take: “I had some orange juice earlier and it was great! Almost as great as being bilingual and having the ability to work under pressure”. While @Javierchirps has yet to receive a job offer, his quirky posts were viewed by almost 400,000 people on viral image hosting site Imgur. “Not having any offers means that I only have to get more creative and I find that exciting,” the 24-year-old told Metro.

Q: Why did you start posting bits of your resume on Twitter? Out of desperation?

– I actually just finished taking an internship class here at the University of Arizona and one big thing that I took out of it was the idea of branding yourself using social media. I thought it might be tough in my case since I use these social media websites like Twitter to practice my comedy writing. I eventually came up with the idea of combining both a joke and parts of my résumé onto my online presence. The traits in those tweets were grabbed from my actual resume in hopes that maybe it might catch some attention and it worked.

Q: So, you wanted to prove something?

– I wanted to show that it is possible to use social media as a marketing tool while at the same time remaining true to oneself. I didn't want to act differently online so I began to brainstorm possible tweets and Facebook statuses that showed both my sense of humor and certain traits. I didn't expect much of an impact after I sent those tweets but I was wrong. These tweets were viewed by almost 400,000 people on Imgur and that's crazy to me. It was so great hearing all of the feedback and seeing that people really enjoyed my sense of humor.

Q: Some of your résumé traits are rather awkwardly shoehorned into the tweets…

– Well, I wanted to include as much as I could into tweets without overwhelming the reader with multiple traits. I include a couple of facts about myself while at the same time staying true to the joke – the joke being that I wasn't being subtle whatsoever when it came to writing these tweets.

Q: Jokes aside, are you really looking for a job?

– Yes… and no. I currently work at a news station as a video editor but I've come to the realization that I need to practice my script writing even more if I want to work in film as a writer. I wasn't really expecting these tweets to get me a job somewhere. Instead, I was hoping that I might receive an internship. I expect to start at the bottom and make my way up to what I want to do, especially since that's typically the process in working in the film industry. I want as much experience as I can possibly get before actually making a career out of it. I will say, however, that I was a bit worried walking into work the other day. It was my first day back since these tweets received all of this attention. I was honestly thinking that I would be confronted by a supervisor and asked if I was interested in leaving. I am keen on leaving but don't tell them – or do what you want, I'm not your boss. Luckily, nobody mentioned it and I currently still have a job.

Q: Have you been offered any job since you’ve started to tweet parts of your résumé?

– No, not really. My mom did ask me to drive my sister around town so she could run some errands since she just had a baby a little over a week ago, but that's it. Not having any offers means that I only have to get more creative and I find that exciting.

Q: Do you think social media is honestly a key tool employers use to hunt future employees?

– It could be. I think social media plays a big part if an employer is on the fence of whether or not they should hire you. Social media helps to show your personality and how you represent yourself and that's great! If the qualifications on your résumé meet or surpass an employer's expectations and they see that you seem like a fun and enjoyable person to work with, well then, there's nothing but positive