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What words do college students look up the most?

Despite the deluge of nonsense words kids these days are using (yolo, yasss, and fleek) every now and then college students have to grab a dictionary to look up a real word. Except, instead of grabbing a dictionary they’re looking words up online (duh).

Dictionary.com has rounded up the top words looked up by college students across the country and you might be surprised by what some univerisites looked up. “While many searches from students look at words for homework or research (think affect vs. effect),” a rep for Dictionary.com wrote in an email. “Once drilled down to specific areas of the country, the data shows that issues affecting each campus are very different.”

Here's the list of colleges and their most searched words (we put our favorites in bold):
  • University of Alabama – maelstrom
  • University of Arkansas - equivocation
  • United States Military Academy - ethics
  • Boise State University – cauliflower
  • University of California, Los Angeles – egregious
  • Duke University - deacons
  • Harvard University – sustainability
  • Howard University – impeccable
  • University of Kentucky - academia
  • University of Minnesota – elucidate
  • University of New Mexico – suffrage
  • New York University – courtesy
  • University of North Dakota – cubism
  • University of Northern Iowa – benefactor
  • Northwestern University – widower
  • University of Notre Dame – judeo-christian
  • Ohio State University - bold
  • University of South Carolina - sociopath
  • Stanford University – blithe
  • Texas Southern University – beneficiary
  • Wichita State University - serendipity
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - evidence
  • University of Wyoming – gag
  • Villanova University - autonomy

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