SeaWorld has more than PETA going after it -- now One Direction's heartthrob Harry Styles is speaking out.

"Does anyone like dolphins?" Styles asked fans at a recent show. Many shouted back "Yes."

"Don’t go to SeaWorld!" the 21-year-old replied.

It's the latest black eye for SeaWorld, which Metro reported Tuesday had allegedly sent one of its workers to spy on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Styles has aligned himself with Ric O'Barry, the man who captured and trained various dolphins for the "Flipper" TV series in the 1960s.

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In 1970, he decided that holding the mammals in captivity and training them was wrong. O'Barry founded The Dolphin Project, which, like PETA, has long had SeaWorld in its sights.

Styles made his boycott plea at a show in San Diego after noticing Dolphin Project Ambassador and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams in the audience.

Williams posted a video of Styles to her 1.8 million Instagram followers.

'We’ve reached a tipping point,” O’Barry said after Styles' diss of SeaWorld went viral.

"Dolphin activists no longer represent the fringes of public opinion. Ringling Bros. [Circus] saw the writing on the wall and is ending their use of elephants. SeaWorld doubled down on their position. They have ramped up their advertising, yet their stock continues to drop. The issue of keeping dolphins in captivity has gone mainstream,” he said.

Indeed, SeaWorld wrote an open letter to the One Direction frontman.

Here is the full letter. Styles has not responded.

Dear Harry:

We’ve seen a concert clip of you urging your fans not to visit SeaWorld. We want you to know we love dolphins too. We care for the animals in our parks like we would our own family. We are committed to making sure their lives are enriching and they are continually engaged socially, mentally and physically. And, we also care for dolphins in the wild.

In fact, SeaWorld has rescued more than 480 whales and dolphins. Right now we are caring for a wild dolphin that we rescued several weeks ago. This animal would have died without our help. Our team is with this animal 24 hours a day, and has walked alongside him and cradled him to help him stay afloat. Our goal with him is the same as with any rescued animal: rehabilitate and return him to the wild.

TJ was another wild dolphin we gave a second chance at life. TJ was rescued on a beach near Tijuana, Mexico. That animal was successfully rehabilitated and returned to the ocean.

We invite you to see for yourself, and then decide based on facts. We are happy to open our doors, take you behind the scenes, and have our trainers and vets answer any questions you have.



John A. Oswald is editor-at-large at Metro and can be found on Twitter @nyc_oz.
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