This summer, prepare yourselves for two tours you're not going to want to miss.

First, there’s the #DeltaAmexPerks CoolHaus Ice Cream Tour, a partnership between Delta Airlines and American Express that will bring a CoolHaus ice cream truck with free treats to nine major cities all over the U.S. (In NYC, find them on June 29 at Chelsea Triangle, on 14th Street between Ninth Avenue and Hudson Street).

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Delta SkyMiles members can grab one of two new flying-themed ice cream sandwiches: Pie in the Sky, a blue whoopie pie filled with strawberry-swirled mascarpone cheesecake ice cream and crumbled Biscoff cookies; and the Jet Set Crunch, a brown sugar cookie topped with butterscotch chips and pretzels, a classic on-board snack, filled with salted caramel ice cream swirled with candied peanuts.

We got a sneak taste of the treats earlier this week with Andy Cohen of "Watch What Happens Live." The Bravo host is in the middle of his co-headlining tour alongside CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper called “AC2 Tour: Deep talks and Shallow Tales," where the duo discuss their crazy showbiz lives.

While chowing down on a sammie, we got the chance to speak to Cohen about some of his upcoming projects.

You've been on the AC2 tour since 2015, what kind of new surprises will 2016 have in store?

Well, we're coming to New York next year and we'll be at the Beacon [Theatre] in January, which is big. We've been to about 20 cities, but we still haven't been to New York. We're coming in January. If it hasn't been announced, maybe I just did.

We've got a lot of dates next year. We're doing a benefit in Orlando this Thursday and then we just have one date in October. And, with the election and my book coming out, Anderson and I are scattering for the rest of the year, but we're going to come back strong in 2017.

What's it like working in front of a live studio audience instead of television?

Oh my god, it's so fun! It's electric. [We had] the best sellout show on Saturday night in Austin and it was amazing. The energy that you get from the audience and they're all there to have a good time. It's just really great.

Any particular funny stories?

People ask us crazy questions. We had a very drunk audience in New Orleans on Friday night. There was this guy who kept bringing us shots and we had a bottle of tequila up on stage with us. But this guy kept bringing us shots, and I'm like, 'We have tequila!' I felt bad that he was wasting his money. I came onstage with a Hurricane in New Orleans and the woman in the front row said, 'Can I have your hurricane?' So, I gave it to her. 

You've been in New York for 25 years, what is about the city that you love so much?

Oh my god, I mean just the energy, the people, the vibe, the anonymity, yet the feeling of neighborhood and community. It's just my favorite place in the world. I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

Since we are at an ice cream event, what's your favorite flavor?

Either mint chocolate chip or peppermint. 

Do you like toppings at all?

I like M&Ms in my ice cream, which is really good. I like some caramel and maybe hot fudge.