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The Rickey is out to prove Chardonnay is the wine for spring

Refreshing on a hot day and warming on chilly nights, it's the wine of the season.
The RickeyProvided

Dream Midtown’s The Rickey is known for its cocktails, but managing partner Matt Strauss is launching a passion project for spring: Chardonnay flights.

“I find that it is super pleasing,” he explains about why it's his favorite varietal. “It can be light on a summer’s day, can be warming on a winter’s day, and it goes great with food.”

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Strauss has had a personal interest in wine since a friend’s BYO parties in college, and has a connection to each of the bottles he’s chosen to highlight in the first tasting menu of six, from a bottle gifted by a departing coworker to a new favorite that salvaged a sub-par date. Currently in rotation are the “only white wine an Italian friend would allow me to bring to a cookout” (Planeta from Sicily) and Ruinart’s blanc de blanc, which smells as earthy as any bleu cheese you pair with it.

The tastings, which come in 2-ounce pours, are either three ($20) or six ($60) courses that will change with the seasons.

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